The film came originally from a place of existential thinking, existential questioning reality, questioning our identity and trying to figure out how are perception of reality is really all we how our thoughts shape the reality around us. I was trying to figure out what the difference was between reality and dreams. What separates people that make it, so to speak and don’t make it to the dream life they want, because I believe that there is nothing separating us from the creative and successful people in the world, we are all the same, but what makes it that tips things over

But then I started reflecting on children, children playing make believe. And I started wondering why from the moment we are born or just when we are kids we have this instinct to play make believe, to sort of rehearse at life. No one tells us as kids, “go play house” we just kind of do it. It’s like an unwritten law that we are all born with and then somehow we stop playing that game and when we become adults, then how is that any different from kids playing make believe. How is our life, our society, our world that is made of invented rules, invented jobs, invented things all around and also the material things, this is like a play or a stage. I am a director and the actor and I surrounded myself with props and people casted this whole thing to make believe that I exist and I was like oh Plato’s Cave six characters in search of an author. Shakespeare, we are all players on the stage. The Matrix, it’s just buddhism, reality is shaped after your thoughts. Humanity has been saying this for so long in so many different ways. We have always had this strange, chilling idea we might not be alive for real, we might not exist, we might be a dream of a dream. We might be part of a simulation or a hologram and instead of getting into the dark, annialistic side of it I thought if this is true can I believe something hard enough, to the point of making it come true and this like phylosophical thesis became the underlying message of the movie and it also became my mission a little bit. I wanted this to be a testament, I wanted this to be my legacy and as I was working through the script I wanted to use metaphors. I wanted to use every old story. I could have written an essay but I was thinking about The Odyssy, Dante’s Inferno, I was thinking about Wonderland, I was thinking of all the great pieces of work I had fallen in love throughout my life and it is always a flawed hero, I wanted to to be like the hero’s journey. So the girls are basically magic heroes. They are flawed. They have dreams but they can’t meet their expectations.

They have fears and insecurities and something crazy happens to them the drug rade. They are drug dealers but they want to be artists but they can’t and they get busted and that is the infighting incident wants this happens they have to and they get on this train and they decide to rob this train and basically she stayed at home, inherited a lot of money. She is sort of a trust-fund kid she doesn’t have her freedom while these two girls are free but they are prisoners of they can’t overcome their fears so they go into this underworld, this world of make believe where Dafney, the rich, wealthy girl

Violent young women keeps them prisoners it starts off as a whole heist movie but it and the girls have to go through all these trials and tribulations to find the money to 80 grand they have to find out truly actress and it is an emotional safety from the outside world, they sort of get stuck in this cyclical never ending loop just like we get stuck in our paranoia bad habits, etc. and it’s hard to break that loop. It’s like the hero’s journey, it’s suppose to be a circle.

They always return. Alice in Wonderland goes back, The Odyssey he eventual goes back to his wife. It’s not like you don’t wake up and some you are inspired. So yeah, and then
I wanted it, I didn’t think it was going to be a,t hey happened to be girls, I love tat they never talk about guys throughout the entire movies. There is nobody love interest, no bodies daughters, not for a second are they like “Oh my god, that boy” they are like no.. They are selfish in the best way possible.

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